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  • Enjoy a lifetime vacation, guaranteed!
  • Quick and free pickup, at your convenience.
  • All kids accepted, regardless of temperament.
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How It Works - Just Like with Kars for Kids

It's only 3 short steps.

  • Take 90 Seconds:
    To Fill Out A Form

    Submit your kid's info online. We know 90 seconds is all the time you've got - so it's really fast.

  • Within 24 Hours:
    Schedule A Free Pickup

    We'll call you to schedule a free pickup for your kid. We're flexible - choose the timing that's hardest with your kid.

  • You Are Done!
    Receive a Free Vacation

    Your vacation begins immediately. Make reservations at a place with no soft play area.

The Kids4Kars official jingle

The Kars for Kids jingle you always loved, now with improved lyrics.

Most popular donation times.
  • It was the morning after parent-teacher conference...
  • We were stuck halfway down the candy aisle...
  • School cancelled for fourth snow day of the week...
  • The kids were yelling and the roosters hadn't even crowed yet...

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Even Sleepy's Mattress ™ couldn't have promised a better night's sleep.

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My neighbors are finally talking to me again. Would recommend.

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