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April Fool's!

You didn't think we were serious, did you? We are, when it comes to helping children. As parents we've all had those brief moments of insanity when donating our kids sounded like a good idea. But despite the trouble they make, we all know our children are worth the effort.

The biggest gift we can give our kids is our time. But is that time quality?

73% of parents are distracted by their devices while spending quality time with their kids.

and the more absorbed parents are in their devices,
the more negative their interactions with their kids.

Your children need your attention more than your phone does. Put away that device and be there - at dinner, at bedtime, and when you're talking or playing together.

Find out more about the negative impact distracted parenting can have on your kids on the Kars4Kids blog.

sources: pediatrics.aappublications.org

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